I Want You Babe Ft Cico Ghiaccioli e Branzini remix > Dj Farrapo

I Want You Baby is a contagious, passionate ride into the obsessive desire for possession, nurturing a crazy and inspired love with a chorus we can sing all together!

Swingin’ Junky is also revisited in 3 totally different ways: 

French producer Minimatic amazes with an unusual trapswing remix, 

the Spanish Professor Angel Sound offers a powerful moombahton version and

from Belgian Dr Fre & Balkan Hot-steppers turned up the bpm in a calypso gypsy-swing version.

I Want You Babe get an astonishing new brass arrangement by the producer duo 11 Acorn Lane, 

a clubhouse version from Ghiaccioli e Branzini and a groovy chill-house remix by Acido Domingo.


I Want You Babe

vocals: Cico

backing vocals: Cico, Piero Lucchetti

contrabass: Nicolò Toschi

rhythm guitar: Hicaru Hashimoto

guitar solo: Andrea Menabò

violin: Jacopo Vecchis

tenor sax: Valentino Bianchi

Swingin’ Junky

vocals: Cico

alto sax, soprano sax,clarinet: JazzDog (Guglielmo Pagnozzi)

tenor sax: Valentino Bianchi

guitar: Andrea Menabò

violin: Jacopo Vecchis

trombone: Elena Wum


I Want you Babe – Ghiaccioli e Branzini Remix